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The Inspiration

Habitat ID’s mission was inspired by the fascinating exploration of lost worlds known previously only to a handful of poachers and loggers, recounted by Gregory McCann in his book Called Away by a Mountain Spirit: Journeys to the Green Corridor.

McCann ‘s 2011 adventure, along with Khmer-Lao and indigenous guides, penetrates the remote canyons near the Laos border, where he meets and lives among animist tribes dwelling on the park’s periphery, including the Brao, Kreung, Tampuan and Bunong highlanders. Included are detailed accounts of three expeditions into the interior of Virachey National Park in Ratanakiri Province of Northeastern Cambodia.

All profits from the sale of this book will be used for an expedition to Haling-Halang, the high mountain in the distance pictured on its cover. That expedition is planned for January, 2014.

Book Reviews: