Expedition on the horizon!

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There is less than 2 months to go till our Virachey National Park expedition in Cambodia, and the good news just keeps rolling in. Pierre-Yves Clais, who works at Ban Lung’s most exquisite resort, Lodge Terres Rouge, will be joining us. Pierre-Yves is a strong voice for conservation in Ratanakiri, and he recently penned a gripping article in The Cambodia Daily¬†titled “The Temple at the Heart of a Dying Forest“. If you have a couple of minutes I highly, highly recommend reading that piece.


The Sesan River with the mountains of Virachey NP in the distance

Our Indiegogo fundraiser has wrapped up, and we want to express our sincere thanks to all who donated and supported this effort. If anyone would still like to donate, you can do so right here on our web site at any time. We are still hoping to acquire several more cameras, GPS handsets, memory cards, and other essential tools for conservation in the jungle.

Bamboo pit viper

locked and loaded, a Chinese bamboo pit viper assumes attack formation

Anecdotal evidence about megafauna in Virachey continues to come in, but for the time being, something to fire the imagination! We will be posting another pre-trip update soon, so stayed tuned in! blog-1

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