Coming Up – Cambodia

Symposium on the Potential for Ecotourism in Northeast Cambodia

Habitat ID Field coordinator Gregory McCann has been invited by Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism to be the Keynote speaker for a 2-day Symposium on the potentials for ecotourism in Northeast Cambodia on July 21st and 22nd in Phnom Penh. This is an important step for Habitat ID as we begin to cultivate important relationships with the Cambodian government. McCann will give Power Point presentations, slideshows, and lectures explaining Habitat ID’s work in the region, and to help demonstrate the depth and quality of our work we plan to bring four local people from the Virachey National Park area, including a national park ranger, two former park rangers who now work for the Ministry of Environment, and a jungle guide who works in the forests outside of the park. We anticipate this gathering to be a catalyst that will foster a productive partnership between Habitat ID, the Royal Cambodian Government, and other local stakeholders.