Endangered species

Tigers are disappearing. As ecosystems dwindle at the edges of Earth’s last remaining wild habitats, so are clouded leopards, Asiatic elephants, gibbons, douc langurs, hornbills, and many more species. And no one even knows how many we stand to lose, because no one is sure how many animals still exist.

Local governments and conservation groups stand ready to protect and nurture wildlife, but lack the resources to identify and document all the species that need protection. In the face of tremendous pressures exerted by other interests vying for the land, many are eager to assume that if they can’t see a species go extinct, it’s probably already gone.

Habitat ID’s mission for 2015 is to expand our current project in Cambodia by setting up more cameras in areas of the park that we think will prove to be rich in wildlife, particularly in endangered species such as tigers and Asian elephants. Working with our skilled and trusted team of local Park rangers and indigenous guides, we are confident that our 2015 wildlife survey will produce impressive results.

The Projects

Sun bear (Helarctos malayanus)
Virachey National Park